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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much notice do I need to give to rent a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are usually available on demand but three days notice is recommended at Bank Holidays or Christmas when demand is high.

What information do I need to give to book a wheelchair?

The height and weight of the wheelchair user will be required to determine the best wheelchair for use. Also whether client is able to push self (Self Propel) or needs to be assisted at all times (transit). This information is gathered in our wheelchair rental inquiry form or over the phone.

Can I arrange for my wheelchair to be delivered to my hotel?

Yes we can arrange to have your wheelchair delivered to your hotel ready for your arrival for a small additional fee.

Do you have leg elevators?

We can usually supply leg elevators with rental wheelchairs, suitable for supporting a broken leg or ankle.

Can I get my manual wheelchair serviced with IWA?

Yes, routine service checks are carried out on all makes of manual wheelchairs.

Do you carry out repairs on manual wheelchair?

Yes, we can deal with most repairs to manual wheelchairs.

Do you sell spare parts for wheelchairs?

Yes, the repair workshop carries a large stock of spare parts for most wheelchairs.

What is the approximate cost of a manual wheelchair?

The cost of a fold up wheelchair ranges from €150 for a second hand wheelchair to €380 for a new wheelchair.

Do you accept donations of pre-used wheelchairs?

We are delighted to accept donations of wheelchairs. Please contact Wheelchair Services on 01 818 6453 or Locall 1890 837 955.

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